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Birds is a light hearted treatment of freedom and inspiration, with lovely melodies, restricted ranges, and some fun scat singing.

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Birds by Alfred P. Graves (1825-1903)

The lilies of the valley chime
   Their joy-bells sweet and low.
Now, wild flowers, 'tis your dancing time!
   What makes you dally so?

Blue, yellow, white, they hurry up,
   They're rocking faster still!
The daisy and the buttercup,
   Wood-violet, daffodil.

Then O, while out of heaven the moon
   Looks down with joyful glance,
The lilies ring and ring the tune,
   The blossoms dance and dance.

Jack Frost he stamps his iron foot;
   "How dare you dance and play?"
The lily-bells, alas! are mute,
   The blossoms hide away. 

But hardly has that churl of churls
   Forsook their favourite glen,
When hark! the lilies' peal of pearls
   Is awakening once again. 

I hear myself its silver hum;
   At home how can I stay?
O flowers, 'tis calling me to come
   And dance with you away!

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